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Trump's Janus is Not the End, it's the Beginning

We have been preparing for this day since November 9, 2016.   Teachers who are far removed from the process of why they enjoy a nice quality of life are having a blast on their first week of summer vacation, but their leaders in 22 free bargaining states across the nation just had their summer cut short. As expected, the US Supreme Court found in favor of Mark Janus, who sued his union AFSCME Continue reading...
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Janus to be Decided Tomorrow

The end is near for Janus watch. After the Supreme Court issued a number of rulings today, including one on the Trump Travel Ban, they announced that tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27th, will be the last day of the session. According to Amy Howe of SCOTUSBlog, after all of the cases, opinions and dissents were read on June 26th, the court announced that the final four cases will be decided tomorrow. Continue reading...
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Video: Learning About Free Riders

In a little over a month the Supreme Court will decide the Janus v AFSCME case. This case is one of the most important cases ever heard for unions. If the court decides in favor of Janus, public employees will be allowed to free ride within their unions. This means that they would get the benefits and protections of the union, without having to pay their dues. Many local unions have spent the Continue reading...